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About Us

By day (or night shift, ugh), most of us work as full time Police Officers. On our off days, we like PC Gaming! We like it so much that we have our own dedicated server so we can host the games that WE like to play. Now with that said, we play video games to have FUN.

We are always willing to help any player, so please be respectful and patient, and we will assist you the best we can.


Game Servers Down (For now!)

We are currently hosting a 32 slot Teamspeak Server for Voice Communications at the moment...

We usually host ARMA 3, DayZ, Empyrion Galatic Survival along with other Game Servers that we enjoy to play, but due to lack of time and lack of interest.




We are not asking for any donations at this time, simply because we are not hosting any Game Servers at the moment.